stop feeling overwhelmed!

Let’s re-invent the fun in doing science!

What I do

I help researchers to practice science in a more healthy, relaxed, and efficient way:

πŸ‘‰ by improving stress-management skills

πŸ‘‰ by communicating more effectively

πŸ‘‰ by working SMARTER, not HARDER

πŸ‘‰ by being more compassionate (towards yourself)

πŸ‘‰ by getting the FUN back in doing science

πŸ‘‰ by prioritizing mental health, because if you are doing great, so is your researchΒ 


Working with / known from:

Do you recognize this?

Feeling stressed and insecure

βœ– Feeling anxious about talking to your supervisor(s)

βœ– Feeling guilty whenever you had an unproductive day

βœ– Feel like you’re failing or ‘not up for it’

βœ– Feel like everyone else is smarter or more successful than you

βœ– Feel like an imposter

βœ– Having trouble finding the right work-life balance

βœ– You work really hard but it never seems to be (good) enough…


Hi! I am Ires

When I was a young PhD student, I got into a burn-out. I am not gonna lie; that was tough!

Now, I can honestly say that I am grateful for that period, because it made me change drastically. In the way I was practicing science, in managing my stress level and mental health, in working in the most efficient way, and so on.

It made me able to finish my PhD in half the time. The day of my defense was also the day I received my official license as a health care neuropsychologist.


What I can do for you

Check out which option works best for you. Hit the icon buttons to find out more.

And always feel free to connect with me for tips & tricks to help you get through.

Workshop work-life balance

Tackle the reasons WHY it is out of balance, crank up your (positive) energy level, feel more fulfilled at the end of your day, dare to make choices and set the right priorities.

Healthy science program

An online program accessible to you wherever you are, and whenever you need it. Including Online Community and every-day support.


A mixture of themes, all regarding mental health in academia. I interview professors as well as young researchers to hear about their experiences and what they believe makes academia toxic.

Stress-free PhD course

An online course you can work through completely independently, to upgrade your stress-management skills and letting go of insecurities and limiting self-beliefs.

I was invited by The PhD Life Raft podcast to talk about how you can take charge of your PhD, because you have way more freedom than you might think. Emma and I discuss how you can set yourself free within academia, to do a PhD stress-free.