Why I quit academia after finishing my PhD

3 jan 2023

A question whether or not to continue in academia is one that pops up in almost every phd’s mind at some point.

This is something a lot of people are doubting about so you are not the only one.

The academic environment has its way to take the ‘fun’ out of practicing science, which is what you probably like to do (I did, and still do!). And you might feel disappointed as doing a PhD or doing research is different than you expected, for whatever reason(s).

In this podcast episode I take you with me on my journey towards this decision, in which my burnout played a crucial role. Also, I reveal the biggest realization that made me finally choose, after doubting for years.

It might not be the right decision for you, but I hope my experience helps you in your journey. Feel free to talk to me about it, because this is something major to go through all on your own.

Excited Ires

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