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Upgrade the stress-management skills of your entire team, department, or even university! 

Say goodbye to boring presentations. I come with practical tools, active exercises, and some great fun.

I will send everyone home with newfound positive energy, confidence, and a smile on their faces :-). My workshops focus on maintaining good mental health, maintaining good communication and overall well-being for your employees. Make them want to stay!

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Here are some options ready to go (both offline and online)

Work-Life Balance

As a PhD student or researcher in general, you have to work under a lot of pressure, fulfill high expectations, move around in a demanding work environment, all while maintaining a social (and family)life! And this can make you wonder: Do I set the right priorities? Is my time management too optimistic? Will I ever finish my to do list?

More often than not, people tend to work harder in order to get everything done and to live up to certain expectations. But it is all about how much energy you have and where you will spend it on, about working smarter.

Communication Dynamics in Academia

A critical mind can be found everywhere in academia. Not only in the academic culture, also within yourself. In this workshop we are going to explore the communication and power dynamics that exist and how you can manage your stress-level through all the publication pressure, heavy workload, high expectations and demands.

You’ll discover why you don’t have to take criticism personally, how to communicate more effectively without conflict (while saying ‘no’ and setting boundaries), and how to feel more confident as a (young) researcher. 

Create a safe and healthy research environment

As a PI it can be very challenging to support your PhD students, postdocs, RA’s, and interns. Not only research-wise, but also regarding stress-management.

This workshop is for PI’s specifically in which we will work on how to improve the research environment. How you can help your students, and also where your responsibility ends. 

Please contact me for the specifics, and how to make this fitting for your team/staff.

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