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5 tactful ways to say ‘NO’ to your supervisor.

Free e-guide to help you start respecting your own boundaries

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After reading this E-guide, you’ll know:

  • How exactly the communication dynamics work
  • How to position yourself and the way you communicate in order to ‘get what you want’
  • Why your supervisor can be harsh, and why the academic environment is so toxic
  • What to stop doing (which is something that basically everyone IS doing)
  • Why you feel insecure and why you don’t have to feel that way
  • Exactly how to tell your supervisor ‘NO’
  • That you don’t have to take criticism personal
  • What you can do in order to relieve stress, both in regards to the communication with your supervisor and to your PhD in general


Short masterclass about the Communication Dynamics within academia

In this masterclass I explain to you why communication within the academic world is so hard and how I came up with the 5 tactful ways to say NO 🙂 . You’ll find a link to the masterclass within my e-guide!

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Hi! I am Dr. Ires Ghielen

I help researchers (mostly PhD students) to practice science in a more healthy, efficient, and relaxed way. I am a former PhD student, a licensed therapist and neuropsychologist.

At the end of my first PhD-year I went through a burn-out, which forced me to change my relationship with science, with my supervisors, and (most importantly) with myself. I upgraded my stress-management, worked smarter (not harder), and became more compassionate and resilient.

Eventually, I managed to finish my PhD in time, while being the most chilled out PhD student ever. And that took a 180 degree mindset shift, putting myself first, a change in communication style, and a lot of saying ‘no’.

Now I help other researchers to achieve the same, and practice science in a more happy and healthy way. Because YOU are the foundation of science and worth it to invest in!

Ires Ghielen

I help you to never feel nervous again when talking to or e-mailing your supervisor. But saying ‘NO’ comes with more benefits

Your PhD becomes doable

Because you don’t spend time and energy on less-important tasks and projects

A better work-life balance

Because you have less things to do and more time left for an actual life besides your PhD

Your mental health improves

Because you start feeling more confident, relaxed, and put your needs and goals first

You will get more energy!

Because you are more in control and don’t waste time on frustrating communication

“This e-guide was a perfect start for me in changing my circumstances as a PhD’er. Thank you Ires for sharing your experience and knowledge!”

anonymous PhD’er